Boutiques Don’t Have to Have a Big Budget to Have a Big Impact
Boutiques Don’t Have to Have a Big Budget to Have a Big Impact

Small business owners have to take things into their own hands. Without big budgets and without the need for national exposure, most boutiques and small retail outlets can take care of their business advertising, marketing, branding and networking on their own. This is great news to the entrepreneur looking to be in complete control of their business. With just a little bit of knowledge and elbow grease, you can take care of all of your own marketing needs. The key is to stay focused and follow a specific plan that you make for yourself. Use these tips along with an understanding of what kind of time and resources you have to take your advertising into your own hands.

Be Genuine

If you’re running a small business, like a boutique, then people are looking for a personal experience. Fortunately, giving it to them is completely free. Be honest and personable with your customers. Give them the experience that they cannot get in a big retail environment. Whether you’re addressing them face-to-face, in an e-mail, over a social networking site, or through a newsletter, keep it personal and honest.

Keep in Touch

Set a schedule for yourself that details a variety of ways to keep in touch with your customers. Update your blog weekly. Send out a newsletter monthly. Update your social and mico-blogging sites daily. Answer questions, ask questions, involve yourself in discussions, and post pictures on a regular basis. Help your customers to promote their own local businesses and hope that they will do the same in return. Working with a local audience makes it much easier to make a big impression without spending a dime.

Make Your Space Inviting

You and your employees can make people feel more welcome in your store by having real conversations, involving customers in decisions on which promotions would be most attractive, and designing the store in a way that makes them feel comfortable shopping for as long as they would like. Use clothing racks that do not force customers to shop back-to-back or within each others’ personal space. Click here for a good example of an attractive boutique garment rack that allows people their personal space while they shop. Leave room between your retail displays for strollers. Provide spaces for your customers to take a break and sit while they wait for their shopping companions to try on outfits. Making it feel comfortable, providing each person with a personal experience, and keeping up with your customers on social sites and through e-mail is a great way to brand your image and do your own advertising without spending a fortune.

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