Make Your Retail Space Inviting
Make Your Retail Space Inviting

Designing the layout of your retail store is a big part of your retail planning. At Only Garment Racks, we specialize in helping you to create the perfect design for your retail needs. Read on to get the creative juices flowing and figure out what will work best for you and your store. Click here to see the latest specials on garment racks and our other retail displays.

Make the Space Inviting

Creating a space that makes people want to enter seems like a no-brainer. However, it isn’t focused on as often as it should be. Making your store inviting consists of more than just putting your best products out front. Each section of your store should make people want to enter it. Studies have shown that display tables and mannequins draw people closer. Use these at the front and center of your entrance and each department. Shiny things also attract the eye. Use mirrors, crystal, glass, and chrome reflective surfaces to draw people inside.


A good layout means nothing without some decent lighting. Use spotlighting to showcase certain areas or entrances to certain areas. A well lit shoe wall attracts people all the way to the back of your store. People will be inclined to pay more for jewelry that is spotlighted in a showcase as opposed to jewelry sitting under standard fluorescent lights. Use warm lighting to comfort and calm your customers into making a purchase. Lamps with incandescent bulbs are great for this. Things can seem genuine or nostalgic when they’re presented under lights that feel more like the lighting people are used to at home.


If you have a large, sparsely filled space, then people will expect to pay higher prices, but it will not feel as inviting without extra effort on your part. Use furniture, decorations, art, or signs to draw people across the empty spaces of your store. On the other hand, a crowded space can be too overwhelming for people that aren’t there to dig through bins and endless garment racks for a bargain. Slatwall displays can help you to get some of your merchandise off of the sales floor and up onto the walls. Make sure people don’t feel trapped in any areas of your store. Avoid using taller shelves and garment racks near walls or near each other. Play with the height of your displays so that they’re varied and break up the space.

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