How Retail Lighting Affects Every Part of Your Business
How Retail Lighting Affects Every Part of Your Business

Interesting and appropriate lighting strategically placed throughout the store can help your sales, security, and your brand image. Learn how to place your lighting for all of the effects that you desire. Using the appropriate store fixtures combined with the correct lighting can change everything about your store. Use these tips from our retail design professionals to set up your retail space or boutique to maximize your benefits.

Your Sales

Lighting can help to direct your customers to the areas that you want them to go to. Create visual “attractants” all over the store. Spotlights in the ceiling, lamps, small hanging light fixtures, or any kind of lighting that is brighter than the surrounding area will work. Things just look better when they’re well lit. Good lighting makes people think of higher quality, more exclusive products, and the details of almost every product look better under appropriate lighting. Avoid harsh fluorescents that often make people feel uneasy. If you do use fluorescents, make sure they are up very high and that products you want to feature are not displayed where fluorescent lights are in the line of sight.

Maximize Security

With a few strategically placed lights, you can increase the security of your store. Light up individual garment racks so that thieves will not feel comfortable hiding their busy hands between hanging clothes. Light up dark corners or areas that aren’t clearly visible to employees working at the check-out. Light up dressing rooms because it gives people the feeling that they are being watched. Use bright lights at the exit so that people are too nervous to leave with items they are thinking about stealing.

Retail Brand Image

Many things can affect your brand image. In fact, everything in your store affects your brand image. Low quality hangers and garment racks scream low quality merchandise. Dirty floors and mirrors make people feel like you don’t care about the quality of your store, merchandise, or your customer service. Unkempt dressing rooms are bad for your image. Employees socializing or checking their phones are also terrible for business. No matter your branding strategy, these things should not be ignored.

Professional grade garment racks can help your store to look nice no matter what. You don’t want your garment racks to move, sway, come apart, or break when people move clothes around on them. textured black garment racks are a good choice. Use higher quality displays. They will not only be safer and last you longer, but they will continually communicate “quality” to your customers.

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