Research, Redecorate, Repurpose
Research, Redecorate, Repurpose

Are you interested in creating retail displays with a vintage feel? This can be so much fun. With an open and creative mind, you can create a stunning space that is inviting, warm and nostalgic. The fun part is that you get to shop for “vintage” items and repurpose them into something appropriate for retail.

Take some time to visit your local thrift stores, flea markets, and antique shops. Bring a list with you of all of the things that you can possibly redecorate in your boutique or retail shop. Use this list of categories to get you started. You can do a little at a time and build on it as you are able.

Window Display

Accessory Racks

Tables and Desks

Chairs and Stools

Lamps and Lighting

Rugs and Flooring

Wall Coverings

Dressers, Curio Cabinets and Armoires

Shelving and Things That Could Be Shelves

Art and Sculpture

Check out our Pinterest board titled “Repurpose for Retail” at for more great ideas.

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