Boutiques are filling a void in the fashion world! Women in their thirties, forties, fifties and even sixties are disappointed when they go to the large chain retail stores. The reason is that there is a huge gap between dressing like a teenager and dressing like an old lady who has given up on being fashionable. The truth is that women in their fifties aren’t sitting at home knitting doilies all day in a rocking chair underneath their blankets. They are vibrant and interested in looking good and feeling good.

Sure, there are some stores that cater to women’s fashions, but they start to look all the same and have one type of woman in mind, leaving shoppers feeling very “blah” about their choices. Boutiques offer a few different things that women are looking for that they can’t find in department stores. One is service. Boutiques have owners and employees that are interested in making women feel good. They’re not just going for the sale, but will actually take the time to help women find something unique that gives them the feeling of being young. There’s a big difference in feeling young and trying to look young!

Boutiques offer a laid-back shopping atmosphere that appeals to older shoppers. They love being able to go in and browse, taking as much time as they need to make their decisions. When you’re a teenager, you may want to buy lots of clothes and replace your wardrobe really often. Your body is changing, you’re getting taller, developing, and your taste is changing. Teenagers make decisions about what to buy very quickly. Women want to take their time. They look more at the quality, the versatility, and the style of the clothing. After all, they know that they will wear something that they like for years to come.

Boutique owners should make sure that they really cater to this slightly older crowd. Talk to them and offer clothing that they will find sustainable and fashionable. Make sure that the items you recommend will actually look good on them, and be honest about whether or not it does. Older women appreciate honesty and will return to stores where they find it. If you only offer skimpy, revealing clothing, and try to tell older women that it looks good when it doesn’t, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Arrange your store and set up your displays so that women know that you offer clothing that they would like. You may decide to hang clothing outside in nice weather so that women driving by will notice that you carry styles that they like. Make your displays orderly and not crowded. No one wants to dig through crowded racks to find their size. Keep your clothing racks spacious and easy to sift through. A garment rack should be stocked, but not squeezed tight with clothing. Make sure that you don’t have clothing racks close together either. People don’t want to be back to back with other shoppers. Utilize your wall space to make room for your clothing racks and shoppers.

You will see that when you cater to this older group of women that they appreciate it and come back often. They will spread the word about your boutique and you’ll be on your way to success.

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