Boutiques are unique in that they usually have little surprises around every corner. People get a sense of wonder when they’re shopping in a boutique. It makes them feel creative and inspired to see unique and one-of-a-kind items. If you own a boutique, part of your job is setting up the store so that people have that boutique experience that they’re looking for.

Shopping in a boutique should be a laid back atmosphere. Unlike the brightly lit, fast paced, chain retail stores, a boutique should invite shoppers to relax and take their time. It should entice them to enjoy their shopper experience, not just buy something and get out.

Boutiques are generally designed and run by someone who is passionate about a certain style or type of item. Owners pour their lives into making their boutique uniquely theirs. People are drawn to the creative spirit that they can actually feel when they’re in a boutique. Communicating your personality and passion is important when you are setting up your displays.

You will need to adhere to your vision for the boutique. Specialty lighting is a good way to set the mood. Tiny spotlights, soft lighting, lamps, and specialty light fixtures can help you communicate how you want your customers to feel. Just make sure that it’s not so dark that no one can see the glorious detail of your work!

Art is a great addition to your boutique’s decoration. You can choose to display your own work, the work of local artists, or eclectic pieces that you’ve discovered over the years. You can save money by asking local artists if they would like to display a piece in your boutique. They can hang a painting or sculpture in your store and then mount business cards next to the art. You can even sell the art for them if you’d like to offer that service. Most artists are more than willing to do this and it can save you a bundle on decorations.

Let’s get back to that “surprise around every corner” appeal. If your boutique has different rooms, you’re in luck. But if it doesn’t, then you can use your retail displays to create division in the boutique. You can also use armoires, dressing screens, mannequins, clothing racks, whatever you like to divide the boutique into smaller sections.

Each section of your boutique should have a unique allure. Use your creative mind to come up with different arrangements that accent the style and product that you are displaying. Use specialty boutique garment racks to add detail to your clothes hanging displays. You can use old dressers and tables to display folded clothes and accessories.

Get creative when you display and don’t get stuck using everything for its intended purpose. You can cover a hat rack with hooks and use it for displaying bracelets. The possibilities are really endless. Your clothing racksdon’t have to only hold clothes or be ordinary chrome. You can buy a garment rack with iron art accents and give everything in your boutique personality.

Just be creative and remember that you are not limited by anything but your imagination and your boutique will have that coveted charm that you are after.

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