There are many types of garment racks or clothing racks to choose from when stocking your boutique. Here we will discuss the different types that there are so that you can make a decision about which garment racks would be right for your store image and merchandising needs.

  1. Rolling garment racks are very versatile and can be used for dressing room management, items to be held behind the register, or as storage in your back room. Boutiques use these a lot so that they can roll the merchandise to the display instead of making several trips back and forth to storage. Some boutiques use rolling racks for promotions or sidewalk sales. Round rolling garment racks are usually used in a retail setting. They can be rearranged to fit the space that you are using, or can be removed if you are lower on inventory. A lot of stores keep extra round rolling garment racks in storage for times when they have extra clearance items or extra inventory to sell.
  2. Some display racks are made of wood and are very attractive. You can have them custom embossed with a brand name or store logo. These racks are usually on mounted on casters and can be easily moved around to fit in small spaces. They make eye-catching displays and are very sturdy. Wooden racks are used to draw attention to certain items, like sunglasses or a high end brand and are sometimes provided by the brand’s manufacturer.
  3. Boutique specialty racks feature more detail than a general retail garment rack. They are usually finished with something that will make them stand out. Some are chrome, but most are black, pewter, or gunmetal grey. Boutique racks will have artistic points of interest, such as swirls at the ends of bars or decorative metal work at the top. These special clothing racks draw a lot of attention and show that you really care about the details and the image of your store.
  4. Vintage racks are interesting to add to boutiques, but be careful what you are buying. Some older racks may have sharp edges or may not be very stable. You can purchase replica vintage racks to add flair and style to your boutique without worrying about safety.

With all the different types of garment racks on the market today, you are sure to find a style that fits your every need. Use a manufacturer that produces a high quality garment rack to ensure that you get exactly what you need for your boutique.

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