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The World’s #1 Retail Sales Training Course from international retail authority Harry J. Friedman

It’s tough to improve on the best, but Harry’s done it again! The most widely used sales training program in retail has been updated with Harry’s newest sales building techniques.

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Videotaped in a theater filled with retailers, this program captures the passion and spirit of retail’s most sought-after consultant and trainer. Your staff will feel like Harry’s talking directly to them as he shares his newest discoveries for making them more successful on the sales floor.

Sprinkled throughout the program are role-plays and interviews with shoppers and salespeople in retail stores that will give your staff a new perspective on how customers want and expect to be treated.

These thought-provoking scenarios will cause your staff to rethink how they sell and serve your customers, as they learn how to provide a “shopping experience” that causes customers to return again and again.

Your salespeople will discover.
How to assess a customer’s shopping profiles and engage them in comfortable conversation that results in more sales
How the Quick Tour establishes value in shopping at your store and differentiates you from competitors-including those on the Internet
Hopes and Dreams: why people buy, how to match your merchandise to their desires and routinely add-on to the sale
How to handle customer concerns or objections and comfortably close the sale-today

Building loyalty: the long-lost art of customer appreciation and building customers for life

The Gold Star Selling course makes it easy to train your staff in classroom training or by using our proprietary Self-TrackT learning methodology. Self-TrackT is a self-paced system that allows your employees to learn at their own speed. It incorporates various practice and testing methods to ensure that your salespeople can actually apply what they learn where it counts-on the sales floor. There is no need to remove staff from the floor or overcome other instructor-led training challenges. Let retail’s best sales trainer personally take care of training your team for you!