Boutiques need to groom their sales staff to be highly effective. A sales team can set the tone for the store and make or break a small business. Use these tips to help you create the types of salespeople that you would want to represent you. Take a close look at how you and your sales team relate to each other and go at it from every angle possible. Creating a good rapport with your employees leads to them having a good rapport with your customers. Do it right and you can enjoy all of the successes that come with having a happy business all the way around.

  1. Customers look for a few key things when they shop at a boutique. They don’t want an oppressive sales staff, but they may be looking for a personal experience. People who shop at boutiques may go in expecting the staff to recommend clothing and accessories. They may also expect an honest opinion when they ask if something is appropriate for an occasion or is something looks good on them.
  2. Believe and practice that the customer is almost always right. Listen carefully when they have complaints, concerns or questions. Apologize, explain your position if necessary, and immediately offer to find a solution to the problem. Have your sales team immediately notify you if there is a complaint so that you can make sure that the customer leaves happy and satisfied. Sometimes simply speaking to the manager, owner or person in charge is enough to make most people happy.
  3. Make sure that your staff is never negative, offensive, rude, or combative. Respecting the customers, even if they’re not spending money, is very important. Small businesses like boutiques depend on word-of-mouth advertising to survive. Every customer should leave impressed so that they can spread to word to other possible shoppers.
  4. Another thing that people expect in a boutique is a vast and extensive knowledge of the products in the store. Your employees should be familiar with each brand and be able to give information to the customers about where the products were made, why you like to carry certain brands, etc.
  5. If someone seems interested in a product, it is okay to occasionally interject and let them know things that may make that product unique. Don’t hound your shoppers, but definitely let them know that you’re knowledgeable and informed about the products in your store.
  6. Keeping your garment racks and displays fully stocked so that your customers never have to worry about whether or not you carry their size. Don’t over stuff a garment rack or display because it makes things feel cluttered and cramped. Just keep your garment racks perfectly stocked but easy to look through and your customers will have a pleasant experience shopping in your boutique.
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