Running a small boutique means that you’re probably doing a lot of things on your own. Saving money is usually a high priority for boutique owners. This means that you’ve probably taken on a small space so that you could afford to be in a good location. It can be problematic to have a smaller space than you anticipated when you envisioned how your boutique would be. Displays might look cluttered or you may not have space for storing your extra inventory. However, there are plenty of retail solutions that will help you to make space where you didn’t know that you had it while keeping your displays neat and tidy.

  1. Using gridwall or slatwall in a small area helps you to take advantage of the vertical space available to you. These systems are relatively inexpensive to install and once there, you can have the versatility that you need to personalize them to reflect your brand image. With just a few slatwall accessories, you can create interesting displays and find creative ways to fit more inventory on the wall than you thought. It’s easy to maneuver shelves, racks, and hanging bars so that you can change up your displays with each promotion, season, or new arrival.
  2. Garment racks can help you to display a lot of your inventory on the floor, but they are also useful for creating easy-access storage for your store room or behind the counter. Nesting Z-Racks are very popular for store rooms. You can hang a lot of inventory on them and then they nest together to take up less space. The heavy duty construction means that your racks will last you for many years.
  3. Ceiling racks are also useful in small settings. Ceiling racks are often used in garages to store boards, skis, and other long awkward items that are difficult to contain. In a boutique, you can use ceiling racks for cardboard boxes, mannequin forms for your slatwall or gridwall, or any other items you can think of. You can also hang hangers and other items from the ceiling rack and make more room on the floor.
  4. Garment racks and clothing racks are useful in the store room, but on the sales floor you’ll want to be careful. Round racks are great if you don’t overstuff them. Customers do not want to sift through a cramped clothing rackto find their size. Consider racks with bars that keep clothing separated. Getting a lot of inventory off of the floor and onto the walls is a great way to show your customers what you have without limiting what you carry.
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