Suggestive selling is one of the easiest ways to increase sales while providing your customers with beneficial information. Customers generally appreciate suggestive selling techniques whether they buy more or not. They feel important and like you are willing to help them by providing them with information that they could use.

Suggestive selling is also known as “up selling” or “add-on selling”. Customers generally expect suggestive selling. If you are selling them a game system and don’t let them know that the controller is separate, then they would leave feeling like you didn’t do your job. You should always try to let the customer know about products related to what they are buying so that they can decide if they want it or not.

Suggestive selling can even be used on your web site. If someone is looking at an item or selects it for their cart, you can have a pop-up that shows them the accessories and products that go with it. You can even use that point to offer a discount if the products are bought together. Up selling someone often gives them a better deal, even if they are spending more money.

Offering benefits to your customers that accept the up sale is a great way to gain customer loyalty. Even customers that don’t buy more appreciate that you offered them a deal and remember that the next time that they are shopping.

Retail workers should always at least ask if the customer would like to upgrade or add on to their order. If you don’t ask, you don’t sell. Suggestive selling is an easy way to offer customer service in a way that also increases profits and salespersons’ confidence.

Train your staff to make a habit of asking for sales. Instead of saying, “That shirt looks great on you!” your staff should say something like; “I’m going to let you see how great that shirt looks with this skirt and hat. We also have really cute jewelry that really brings the whole thing together. Oh, that all looks great! Would you like for me to hold it at the register for you?” Making suggestions will help customers to see what all you have to offer just in case they didn’t think of it before.

You can use garment rack displays and mannequin displays to accomplish suggestive selling without saying a word. Hang shirts and skirts that look good together on the same garment racks so that customers will automatically assume that they go together. Dress a mannequin with all of the matching accessories so that people will consider more products to go with the featured one that they really like. Suggestive selling is something that can provide a service to your customers while increasing your sales and profits. Make sure that your staff is trained in the art of suggestive selling and see how your profits can soar.

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