Whether you are a salesperson looking to improve your sales or a boutique owner looking to hire effective salespeople, these tips can help. If you look closely at the management of a store, how they relate to their salespeople, and how the sales staff relates to the customer, you can start to see some qualities that are present across the board. Studying these traits can help you to improve your sales skills and teach others how to improve their skills as well.

  1. When satisfied customers are interviewed, they usually mention a few of the same things that they liked about their shopping experience. The first thing that they will usually say is that they thought the sales staff was friendly and not oppressive. Being friendly is important because your attitude is a reflection on the store. People make judgments about you and your store the second they lay eyes on you. If you’re smiling, you’re off to a good start.
  2. Being able to see the customer’s side of things is an important skill to master. Let them do most of the talking and listen intently. Drop whatever you are doing and give them your full attention. Try to talk conversationally with them. Do not drop sales lines or try to sway their opinion. Agree with them as much as you can without seeming like you are just trying to butter them up. Don’t overdo it, just talk to them on their level.
  3. Don’t get defensive if someone has an objection or complaint. Take full responsibility, apologize and then offer a solution. If you can’t solve their problem, admit it and then let them know that you want to help. Take the issue to a supervisor or manager that can help to make the problem right.
  4. Be knowledgeable about every product possible. Customers really appreciate their questions being answered by someone who really cares enough to know a lot about a product or brand. Don’t be afraid to point out negative qualities from time to time. You’ll gain the trust of the customer, possibly for life.
  5. Offer information. If you see that someone is interested in a certain brand or product, calmly tell them something that you know that makes the product unique. Don’t hound them, following them around talking about everything that they look at, but offer valuable information if they seem like they are trying to make a decision.
  6. Keep the store neat as you work. Keeping your garment racks and displays fully stocked will make customers feel like you care about them finding what they need. Don’t overstock, however, because a crowded garment rack or display makes customers feel like you are trying to get rid of as much merchandise as possible and they may not feel like looking through everything that you have.

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