There are many types of garment racks or clothing racks that could meet your needs. Use this chart to decide which garment racks might be best for your store.

Rolling garment racks are versatile and can be used for dressing rooms, held items behind the register or as your standard racks. Boutiques use these a lot so that they can move their displays around whenever they want. Some stores use rolling garment racks for special promotions or sidewalk sales. Round rolling garment racks are usually used in a retail setting. They can be rearranged to fit the space that you are using, or can be removed if you are lower on inventory. A lot of stores keep extra round rolling garment racks in storage for times when they have extra clearance items or extra inventory to sell.

Wooden garment racks are very attractive and can be embossed with a brand name or store logo. Wooden racks are usually on casters and are moved around to fit in small spaces. They make beautiful displays and are very sturdy. Wooden racks are used to draw attention to certain items, like sunglasses or a high end brand.

Boutique garment racks come in all sorts of special designs. They are usually grey metal or satin chrome finish. They will sometimes have artistic points of interest, such as swirls at the ends of bars or decorative metal work at the top. These special clothing racks draw a lot of attention and show that you really care about the details in your store.

Designer garment racks have hanging bars on one side and shelving on the other, or some variation of this arrangement. This allows you to give your displays diversity and depth. These are very nice and versatile. They come in stationary or with rolling casters. These are also popular in boutiques, but frequently used in retail stores of all sizes.

Vintage style racks are very impressive additions to specialty stores. They feature curved rails and legs with decorative metal finishes. They have arches and an old style look that is just beautiful to look at. If you would like vintage style garment racks for your store or boutique, you can choose from a full line of display styles. Some have two arms, some have four, some revolve and some hold small items, like ties and belts. There is one with adjustable shelves that is very attractive. The shelves have curved and curled metal details in the shelf itself. Vintage style dress mannequins are very popular displays as well.

With all the different types of garment racks on the market today, you are sure to find a style that fits your every need. Use a manufacturer that produces high quality clothing racks to ensure that you get exactly what you need for your retail store.