Boutiques are booming everywhere! Are you taking full advantage of yours? Small businesses can deliver what big companies can’t; customer trust. That being said, you should look into just how much customer loyalty you can generate. Boutiques are in a prime position to tackle many areas of running a small business that bigger companies just can’t. Make sure you are not leaving any stone unturned by following the guidelines below.

  1. Boutique owners can experience exactly what their customers are experiencing. You live in the same town, experience the same events, and really have a feel for what day to day life might be like for your clients. Big corporations can’t do that. Make sure that you are talking with your customers and making them feel like you are on their side.
  2. Boutiques generally have to narrow their focus to operate. You can’t necessarily afford to offer everything. You need to hone in on certain products and brands. This naturally narrows your target audience. By becoming a very specific type of retailer, you target a very specific group of people. This type of focus allows you to become an expert. People love to find the “expert in the field” when shopping for certain things. This gives you the advantage over bigger businesses whose focus is lacking.
  3. As a boutique owner, you have the flexibility to offer what larger corporations may not even be aware of. If you know, for example, that all the kids are going crazy over one specific brand of pants, jewelry, or accessories, you have the flexibility to get it in there this season and make your customer base aware that you are the one to come to for this item. Bigger companies may have no idea that the fad has launched until it’s over. They end up ordering late and having to clearance out yesterday’s news.
  4. Boutique owners should focus on providing personal level service. People crave to be educated about certain products. They want to know the pros and cons of an item before they buy it. Boutiques are where they come for honest advice. If a customer asks about a certain brand of shoe, you may be able to give them some very specific information. For example you could say, “When I wore mine in the water, I liked it because the rocks didn’t get inside of my shoes.” This type of personal touch is what will keep customers coming back.
  5. Respect! Respect! Respect! Who wants to shop somewhere where they are not respected? Customers of boutiques expect to be respected because they know they’re not just another customer. Each customer feels that they are important to the success of your business, and they’re right. Be respectful, helpful, and keep everything where customers can easily touch, feel, and experience your products. Keeping organized clothing racks is one way to make this happen. An orderly clothing rack tells the customer that you respect their time and don’t want them to have to rummage through crowded racks.

Keep all of these things in mind as you run your day to day business and you’ll be taking advantage of the many benefits of running a boutique!

About the Author: John Garvey is on the staff of Only Garment Racks, a leading online source of clothing racks including garment racks. Find a high quality clothing rack or garment rack at