Choosing décor for your boutique can be very exciting and fun. Learn what to look for in quality and style so that you don’t end up regretting the store fixtures and lighting that you invest in.

Boutique style needs to be unique. You want people to remember your store in a certain way. Trendy, vintage, classic or minimalist, your store fixtures, garment racks and lighting need to match the image that you want to portray.

Vintage style garment racks are very trendy right now. They have curls and textured metals that make decorating your boutique easy. Unique angled hanging bars and decorative shelving gives you many options for merchandising your apparel. Boutique garment racks generally hold less clothing than big department store garment racks because in a boutique, each collection or even each article is held in a special light.

Vintage metal cage dress forms make great window displays. You can put a unique flair on everything that you show, while branding the image of your store. Choosing the right garment racks can make a big difference, so how do you know which ones to choose?

There are definitely a lot to choose from when you start shopping around. The problem that most boutique owners run into is that the racks are either too expensive, there aren’t enough options with each design, or you just can’t tell if the racks are of good quality or not. Researching suppliers can be a pain and an endless job. So what do you do?

Save money and be guaranteed of high quality by choosing a supplier that is also the manufacturer. Make sure that they stand behind their work. Ask questions about sharp edges, screws that periodically need tightening, how much weight the rack can hold, etc. You want to make sure that what you buy is sturdy enough for children to climb on without breaking the rack. Otherwise, you could end up with a liability on your hands. Sharp edges that could cut customers as they walk by is another thing to be careful about avoiding.

When you find sturdy, affordable, stylish garment racks for your boutique, make sure that the company you buy from has been around for a while. You may want to order more pieces or open more stores down the line. If the garment racks are part of your image, they could become part of your brand. So, make sure that you’ll be able to get more garment racks when you need them.

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