It’s finally here! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s time to make those final preparations for the holiday shopping crowds. Many boutiques make their profits for the year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. The biggest challenge can be finding ways to stand out among the competition. Well, because boutiques are not big department stores, you already have the upper hand. Many shoppers will avoid the crowds at all cost. Plus, they are looking for special and unique gifts, which boutiques are known for offering.

Communicate with your customers exactly what will be on sale, or do a general “20% off of everything” advertisement. People that normally find your merchandise overpriced will jump at the opportunity to get those special things that they like at a discounted price. Keep track of any new customer information by collecting e-mail addresses and home addresses at the register. This way, you can send out communications to the people who only shop in your boutique around the holidays every year.

Think about what motivates people to shop at boutiques for the holidays and make sure that you’re giving them what they expect. They may be looking for a few higher priced items, but they may also be looking for stocking stuffers, unique gifts that are lower priced, and even a little something for themselves. Feature a wide range of products in your displays and make sure that you have plenty of smaller items for stocking stuffing around the register.

Another thing to consider is that people may be looking to get in and get out. If they have other shopping to do on Black Friday, they may be anxious to get their shopping done fast. Make sure that you have plenty of well-marked displays throughout the store showing them what deals you have going on. You can creatively lure customers into spending more time at your displays with candles for them to smell, lotions for them to try, coffee, hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, or other items that will make them want to slow down and shop.

The last thing that you want is for your customers to feel anxious and ready to leave. Make sure that your music is not too loud, lights are not too bright, and that your clothing racks are not too close together. You also don’t want your customers to have to dig through an overly full clothing rack to find what they need. Keep displays fairly simple and easy to navigate and your customers will have a good experience in your boutique this holiday season.

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