This time of year can be truly beautiful. For a lot of people, autumn is the very best time of year. The summer heat lifts, a cool breeze fills the air, and the trees turn gorgeous shades or red, gold and orange. Autumn fills people’s minds with thoughts of getting cozy with a loved one, spending time outdoors, and seeing all of their family and friends over Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, many stores miss out on this golden opportunity to cater to their fall-sentiment loving customers. We’re so anxious to get the Christmas season off to a great start that we kind of tend to leave Thanksgiving in the dust. Are you looking to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to boost your holiday sales without waiting around for the end of December before you see it? Maybe it’s time to give Thanksgiving a little more attention.

No one has ever suggested that skipping a season is a good idea. We seem to dote over spring, summer, back to school, and Christmas, but we leave that beautiful fall weather theme untapped. Many customers are turned off by seeing the Christmas decorations out really early. Many companies start planning, stocking and decorating for the winter wonderland in early October. This leaves many customers thinking, “What about Halloween? What about Thanksgiving?” The weather has barely required you to bring your jeans out of storage and already you’re looking at snow, Santa Claus, and heavy winter gear.

Just imagine how refreshing it would be for your customers to see how much you love fall, like they do. Finally, this beautiful time of year has been given the respect that it deserves! Bravo to the stores that don’t try to push Christmas before a tree has lost a single leaf! Be the one. Make sure that your customers know that you are celebrating the Thanksgiving season. No more squeezing into the “back to school” or general “holiday season”. Thanksgiving deserves the attention and your customers who love it will appreciate it, too.

Make sure that you make it known. Send out your newsletter, mailers, flyers, post signs on your garment racks, whatever it takes to show that you’re different. You’re sure to stand out among the competition when you put your best fall foot forward. Display those rich reds and bright yellows. Leave nogarment rack undecorated. Get those window displays popping. Show the world (or at least the mall) who loves the fall weather!

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